DOT Physicals

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DOT Physicals

Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals are essential and often required for anybody who operates a commercial motor vehicle, including truck and bus drivers. As a Medical Examiner, family primary care specialist Tabatha Vocque, APRN, MSN, FNP-C, performs comprehensive DOT physicals at Grace Health Services in Hensley, Arkansas. The practice’s onsite laboratory ensures you can receive all of the tests you need and your DOT certification under one roof. Call or schedule an appointment online today to book your DOT physical.

DOT Physicals Q&A

What are DOT physicals?

DOT physicals are essential medical evaluations in the United States designed to check the physical and mental fitness of people who wish to operate commercial motor vehicles (CMVs).

These exams are crucial toward obtaining or renewing your commercial driver's license (CDL). They ensure you can safely carry out the responsibilities of your role.

Who needs DOT physicals?

Many commercial drivers need DOT physicals to ensure they meet the health and safety standards required for operating commercial motor vehicles. You may need a DOT physical if you:

  • Operate a commercial truck that weighs 10,000 pounds or more
  • Driver a vehicle that can carry more than 15 people
  • Transport hazardous materials
  • Operate a motor vehicle designed to carry more than eight people for payment
  • Are a bus, delivery, taxi, or utility service driver

Check with your employer to determine whether your job requires you to have a DOT physical.

Can any medical providers perform DOT physicals?

No. The provider must be a certified Medical Examiner on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME). Tabatha has the qualifications to perform DOT physicals at Grace Health Services. She conducts the exam and provides the appropriate testing at the practice’s onsite lab.

With a large truck-accessible parking lot right off the freeway, Grace Health Services offers a quick and convenient way to renew your DOT physical.

What do DOT physicals include?

A DOT physical includes several parts:

Physical exam

During the physical exam, your provider checks your eyes, ears, nose, and throat. They also listen to your heart and lungs, touch or press your abdomen to rule out internal organ issues, and test your strength and reflexes.

Vision and hearing screening

Anybody operating a CMV must have at least 20/40 acuity and a 70-degree field of vision in each eye, with or without correction.

Blood pressure

Blood pressure and pulse rate exams determine whether you have high blood pressure or irregular heartbeats.


This test screens your urine to check for underlying medical conditions, like diabetes or kidney disease.

Drug test

This test screens for illicit drugs or controlled substances in your system, ensuring compliance with DOT regulations.

Call Grace Health Services today or schedule an appointment online to get your DOT physical certification.